Muscle Icon is a Bodybuilding production and media company poised to change the way competitors, sponsors and fans interact!

Muscle Icon is the next generation bodybuilding enterprise determined to change how athletes, sponsors and the public interact. Muscle Icon focus lies in offering media production for competitors as well hosting annual events that celebrate this amazing sport called BodyBuilding . These competitions are promoted with professional resources and expertise under one roof to create a thriving environment. Athletes from around world come together on stage with no boundaries or limitations when it comes time for competition at our events, held annually worldwide! Muscle Icon's mission is to give people a way for authentic relationships with athletes, sponsors and help fans relate their journey's.

Join us at the South Bay Championships this August 6th and join the effort to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association! Every dollar that comes in to our event will go towards our efforts to raise money for Neuromuscular Disease.  Thank you everyone for your donations! Click the link to donate today. 

Learn How To Pose Like A Pro...

If you are going to enter your first bodybuilding competition, then one of the most important things that you will need is an effective posing routine. This complete online program will teach you how to pose like the pros and win your next show.

What’s included …
✔️ Stage Tips
✔️Practice Tips
✔️Quarter Turns
✔️Mandatory Poses
✔️ Video Tutorials
✔️ Email Support

Muscle Icon Posing is an online posing course that teaches you how to pose like a pro. With years of experience in the body building industry, we know what it takes to win your competition and Muscle Icon will show you how!

South Bay Championships

Date: SUMMER 2022

Venue: Barclay Theater, Irvine CA

South Bay Championships is Muscle Icon’s annual bodybuilding and fitness competition. This competition is open to all amateur competitors and will host a variety of classes included: Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Women’s Athletic (Wellness) and Women’s Bikini.

More information coming soon.

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