South Bay Championships



South Bay Championships

Hosted By: Muscle Icon

First place overall winners will receive $1,000, Brand Develpment Training and Muscle Icon sponsorship.

Stage photos Included with your registration!

No Hidden Fees! One time registration!

Venue: Irvine Barclay Theatre

Address: 4242 Campus Dr, Irvine, CA

Eligibility: All amateur competitors welcome!

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Check-ins: TBD

Athlete Briefing: TBD

Pre-Judging: TBD

Final Judging: TBD

Tickets available 2023

Eligibility Requirements


    • All competitors must sign up and complete registration payments prior to show date.
    • Registration is subject to increase after March 31st. 
    • Please note you are not an official Muscle Icon competitor until registration payments are complete. 
    • This contest is open to all amateur competitors!
    • If you have earned "Pro" status at another bodybuilding show, you are not eligible to compete at this show. 


Hotel Bookings available 2023

Rules and Regulations


- Click here to read the Rules and Regulations - 

*If you have any questions please email or message us on Instagram @muscleicon. We are here to help!

Competitors: Muscle Icon is a professionally run Bodybuilding and Fitness event and expects each competitor to conduct themselves with the upmost professionalism and respect. Muscle Icon does not condone acts of violence, poor sportsmanship, intimidation or any other unsportsman like conduct.

All registration payments are final and cannot be refunded.

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Please note that some classes may be subject to change up until Athlete Briefing depending on attendance.

Athletes can enter additional classes for $100 per additional class.

Class A:

  • Under 212lbs Bodybuilding

Class B:

  • Over 212lbs Bodybuilding

Class C:

  • Masters 40+ Bodybuilding

Class A:

  • Up to 5'4" -- 165 lbs
  • Over 5'4" - Up to and including 5'5" - 170 lbs
  • Over 5'5" - Up to and including 5'6" - 175 lbs

Class B:

  • Over 5'6" - Up to and including 5'7" - 185lbs
  • Over 5'7" - Up to and including 5'8" - 190 lbs
  • Over 5'8" - Up to and including 5'9" - 195 lbs
  • Over 5'9" - Up to and including 5'10" - 205 lbs

Class C:

  • Over 5'10" - Up to and including 5'11" - 215 lbs
  • Over 5'11" - Up to and including 6'0" -   220 lbs

Class D:

  • Over  6'0"  - Up to and including 6'1" -   230 lbs
  • Over  6'1"  - Up to and including 6'2" -   235 lbs
  • Over  6'2"  - Up to and including 6'3" -   240 lbs
  • Over  6'3"  - Up to and including 6'4" -   250 lbs
  • Over  6'4"  - Up to and including 6'5" -   260 lbs
  • Over  6'5"  - Up to and including 6'6" -   265 lbs

Meet The Judges

Kris Dim Judge

Kris Dim

Kris Dim is a retired IFBB Pro Bodybuilder who has had one of the most recognized careers in professional bodybuilding history.  Kris began his career as one of the few asian athletes to ever step on stage.  His hard work after 16years in competition led him to compete at the highest level an athlete can reach. After suffering a spinal cord injury, his career would also lead him to compete at the wheel chair olympia and further exemplify his tenacity and dedication to the sport and himself. Kris is an Icon in every sense of the word and will bring an essential element to the South Bay Championships Judging panel!

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Kris Dim Judge

Samir Bannout

Samir Bannout, known as "the Lion of Lebanon", won the Mr. Olympia title in 1983. Bannout has appeared on the covers of many fitness and bodybuilding publications, including Strength and Health, MuscleMag International, Muscle Digest, Flex, Muscle Training Illustrated, Muscle and Fitness, Muscle Up, IronMan and Muscular Development magazines. Samir was known for the extreme muscular definition that he achieved in his lower back region and helped to shape "Lebanon Cedar" when referring to the shape made visible during a back pose on the competition stage. Samir was inducted to the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2002! 

Samir Bannout owns @lion_bodybuilding79 and provides world class coaching and education services to athletes world wide! Learn what Lion Bodybuilding is all about at this years South Bay Championships!

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Kris Dim Judge

Maire Brandon

Meet Maire Brandon! Maire has over 40 years of experience in the health/fitness, athletic and arts arenas, with some very notable accomplishments including Ballet, Triathlons, Biathlons, Duathlons, Bodybuilding, Gymnastics and Posing Choreography! 

As a fitness professional Maire has worn many hats throughout her career, such as:  Nutrition coach, stretching coach, (including professional boxer, Evander Holyfield), strength and conditioning coach for minor league football, soccer, rugby and XC teams, choreographer for junior Olympic gymnasts, nationally competitive ice skaters and many ballet productions.

The last 20 years of Maire’s career have been dedicated to body building, in all regards, from nutrition, to programs, to posing and choreography, to training her clients, as well as herself.  Even with obtaining her Natural Pro Body Building status in 2007 with Muscle Mania Worlds, she remains relevant in the competitive world by annually in both Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. 
Maire will bring a level of expertise very few can offer.  We are extremely grateful and proud to invite Maire to the panel this year!

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Tamra Dae is a celebrity judge for South Bay Championships

Tamra Dae

Tamra is a health & wellness influencer and owner of Prive Sunless and CEO of Brick Haus Body. She's helped transform the lives of hundreds of individuals on the basis of a strong mental and physical foundation. Tamra will be introducing and announcing the winner of our new Inspire Award at South Bay Championships.

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Mike O'Hearn is a celebrity judge image

Mike O'Hearn

Mike O'Hearn, also known as The Titan has won the title of Mr. Universe 4 times. From acting to bodybuilding he has inspired the lives of thousands and is an integral role in the world of modern bodybuilding. Mike will be bringing a unique perspective as a judge that only a veteran bodybuilder can truly bring.

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Attend & Compete

Attend this Competition


  • $40 / Ticket ($50 at the door)
  • Only 200 Tickets available. Get your tickets today!
  • Children under 5 years old are free.


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Hotel Bookings Coming 2023

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  • Review the classes and the respective class criteria.
  • Upon selection of class, click the button below to register & pay for this competition. *ALL SALES ARE FINAL*


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Special Awards

Muscle Icon Inspire Award

We believe athletes are more than just muscle. The fitness industry is motivated and changed not just by how people look in their photos, but by the journeys that inspire people to believe in themselves.

The Muscle Icon Inspire Award will go to the competitor with the most inspirational fitness journey. Your very own celebrity judge, Tamra, Dae, will be judging this portion of the contest.

How to enter:

  1. Post a photo to Instagram with the caption describing:
    1. How/why you started your fitness journey
    2. How has your journey affected others?
  2. Tag @tamradae and @muscleicon and hashtag #muscleiconinspire
  3. The WINNER will be announced at the event on stage by Tamra and receive: A social media shout out, VIP seating at the event, Muscle Icon merchandise, and a special segment about you on our website!

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